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June Park

I'm a writer, consultant, and cultural connector committed to diversity, inclusion and empowerment. The arts and culture have the potential to impact us personally, within our communities, and globally. The stories we tell reveal and celebrate who we are, allowing for meaningful connections with others. 


I assist artists and arts companies in all disciplines - film, dance, music, theatre, visual, literary and digital arts - to articulate vision and strategize ways to realize projects. I've been privileged to work with amazing artists, from small collectives to national organizations, for almost twenty years. 

I was born in Korea and have lived across Canada from Vancouver to Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, where I am currently based

I studied literature, receiving my B.A. from the University of Calgary and M.A. from the University of Toronto. I have a Cultural Arts Management certificate from Waterloo University, the Cultural Careers Council of Ontario and Genovese Vanderhoof & Associates' Income Managers Program. My own artistic metier is writing, and I'm developing a work of historical fiction for which I was awarded the 2022 Max Margles Prize for Fiction (Quebec Writers Federation). 

In the Rockies, solo backcountry trip.

In between Alberta & BC, on the land of the Stoney-Nakoda, Siksika, Blood, Cree, and Kootenai First Nations.  

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